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Riga Detective Agency informs: in the case about of Syntia Balina are public falce information from the physical person (Criminal Law 157 art.)

"Remember That No One Ever Kicks A Dead Dog." Therefore, it is, and more dog important, with great pleasure people will kick. Envious people often condemn what they not able to do, and criticize those, which level they cannot reach."

Dale Carnegie.

Riga Detective Agency informs that because of  the physical person's publications in the press and internet resources for the Riga Detective Agency's representatives potentially unlawful or unethical actions, Riga Detective Agency and its representatives are seeking to national police with the statement for the start of criminal case for the criminal offence provided for in the Criminal Law in the second paragraph of article 157 (Article 157. Slander. Dissemination of knowingly false, defame another person lies in a printed or otherwise reproduced work as well as verbally committed publicly (slander).


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